Terms and Conditions of Dynamic Therapy Training


  1. Course Fees

1.1.  All fees include tuition, course materials, postage and certification during your training course. Exceptions to this are the below;

1.2. All course fees must be PAID IN FULL prior to starting the course. We will offer students a payment plan over a three- month period which must be paid before the start of their course. The monies will be taken by direct debit each month by our payment processor. You will be required to complete a direct debit mandate with all correct payment details and signed.

1.3. If you feel you need an extra course workshop day of your chosen course you will be charged a £50 tuition fee, provided there is space to do so on your chosen course.

 1.4. Certificates-Please ensure the correct spelling of your name is provided for your Certificate. It is your responsibility, if the incorrect spelling on the certificate is the result of you providing incorrect information when completing your student enrolment form a £25 administration fee for certification reprint will apply. If for any reason you lose your certificate a £25 administration fee for certification reprint will also apply.

 1.5. Once you have successfully completed your course, certification will take 6-8 weeks, providing your account balance has been settled in FULL.

  1. Confirmation of Booking

 2.1 Once your deposit has been paid and received by Dynamic Therapy Training; we at

DTT will reserve your student placement on your chosen course.

 2.2 If you have enrolled onto a course that you think you have covered before in

previous qualifications e.g. You have already covered unit L3 Anatomy & Physiology via a Level 3 Personal Training Course and have recognised prior learning, you may apply for Recognised Prior learning by presenting evidence of how learning outcomes from earlier qualifications match those in the current course or by some other means of demonstrating your current knowledge. This evidence must be sent to Dynamic Therapy Training via email within 14 days prior to your course start date.

2.3 Balance of your course must be ALL PAID and settled 14 days prior to your course start date. Otherwise you will lose your Course Fees.

2.4   If you have answered YES to any of the medical history questions on the PAR-Q you MUST supply Dynamic Therapy Training with a Doctor’s Medical Notes confirming that you are physical fit and can meet all the physical demands of our course and to complete your course.

2.5   Dynamic Therapy Training reserves the rights to remove you from your course if we feel you cannot physical meet the demands of the course or fail to disclose any pre- existing medical condition(s).

  1. Cancellation policy

3.1   If you wish to cancel your course and DO NOT want to transfer onto another course You MUST notify Dynamic Therapy Training in writing no later than 30 days prior to the start date of your course by email at kelly@dynamictherapytraining.uk otherwise you will lose 100% your course fees. The refund will be issued via a company cheque or you will be given a direct refund to the debit/credit card used for the original payment with 10-14 days.

3.2   If a cancellation is made less than 30 days no refund will be given, and you will be  liable for the course fees.

  1. Course Transfer

We understand that life can get in the way and because of that you may need to transfer onto another course/dates. There is NO charge for transfers provided you comply to the following conditions;

3.1 You MUST notify Dynamic Therapy Training in writing no later than 30 days prior to the start date of your course by email at kelly@dynamictherapytraining.uk  otherwise you will lose 100% your course fees.

3.2 We will try to transfer you onto the next possible date, depending on availability and course date that you prefer and provided you have met conditions 3.1

3.3 If you have changed your mind and would like to transfer to a DIFFERENT Course then ALL Course FEES must be paid up front, providing conditions 3.1 and 3.2 have been met.

  1. Our Promise to You

We promise to deliver high quality teaching and industry standards. All our tutors here at DTT have their own business in their own subject specialism. All tutors know what the industries and clients expect at this current clement.

You will be allocated a Course Tutor (or Assessor) and Internal Verifier for each Course. You will be given their contact details before you start your course to help with any student or assessment inquires.

You will be told in advanced of ALL your Assessment and LAPs due dates, so we can provide you with all the necessary support and guidance you need.